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PFB + Chromabright Testimonials:

Dear PFB,

I have never been this happy or had a product that exceeded my expectations as much as PFB Vanish. Even an ingrown hair bump from new jeans seems to go away almost instantly. I will never be without it.

Sincerely, T. Mckeegan -

I called PFB Vanish with the intent of selling them my services. What I didn’t know was that after having a conversation with the most helpful and very nice Susanna, I would be ending the call by giving her my credit card number. As a man, I found a lack of products available on the marketplace for those with sensitive skin. The results were nothing short of amazing and I am now for the first time able to shave my face and neck with a razor without any problems! Needless to say that my wife is probably even more thrilled than I am.
Thank you so very much Susanna and Jacqueline!!!

Alexander  - Los Angeles

PFB Vanish + ChromaBright is MAGIC
I have been suffering from discoloration on both my underarms and private area as well as unsightly ingrown hairs. The esthetician at the Brazilian Wax salon I frequent, advised me to try PFB Vanish + ChromaBright. It has only been a month and a half of using it twice daily and she was so shocked to see that I have NO MORE INGROWN HAIRS!!! It worked so much faster than either of us had imagined. My skin is lightening and she said my hairs came out much smoother today.

If you have ingrown hairs, this stuff is a MUST!!! I am sold!!!!

Shae, GA

One client's bikini zone (pubic bone and inner thigh) was very discolored. Large patches and shades of brown on what should have been white skin.  (Similar to a pregnancy mask stain found on a woman’s face). It has cleared up by 99% within 2 months.

Jennifer - Michigan

My client has been using the PFB+Chromabright formulation for anal bleaching! OMG!!!! Her skin is totally free of darkened hyper-pigmentation. It was very obvious she had no more issues.

Jennifer - Michigan

5 out of 5
Better than Tend Skin 
I have been using for the past few years after a new aesthetician turned me onto this. It seems to work better for post-wax care than Tend Skin, which was always too strong, drying and irritating to the delicate skin of my bikini line.
Within a few days to a week, I find that PFB usually helps to release any ingrowns and keeps me away from my tweezers.


5 out of 5
Best for brazilian wax care! 
Great for before and after brazilian wax care! Does away with irritation after the wax and keeps ingrowns away. It can be a little drying so maybe want to use every other day instead of daily.

from Stone Mountain, GA

5 out of 5
PFB Vanish really works! 
This product works very well. Have used it for years now after trying many different products.

from Redwood City, CA

5 out of 5
Helps with ingrowns 
This really works to reduce ingrowns. I also much prefer the roller ball application to using a cotton swab.

from redwood shores, CA

4 out of 5
Best ingrown hair treatment! 
I have been using this product for the last 5 years and it is the best thing I have found to control my ingrown hairs after waxing. I used to use Tend Skin but I did not find it as effective as PFB. It has not completely gotten rid of ALL of my ingrowns but they are definitely under control!

CM from Katy, TX

4 out of 5
Banish razor bumps and irritation! 
This product definitely seems to work so far. I use it after shaving bikini line and underarms. It's like a clear gel liquid. Does not seem overly drying which some other products like this can be and feels soothing when put on. Overall it's working great so far and I do plan on re-purchasing when it's gone. Which seems like it will be forever until then, this bottle is huge and you only need a little bit each time.

4 out of 5
Customer for life! 
Fragrance-free, the roll-on makes application super easy and mess-free, I have been using it year-round for years and have no plan to abandon the routine! Better than any other "razor bump cure" I've used.

from New York, NY  

5 out of 5
Bye bye ingrown hairs 
I've been using this product for 4 years. I hardly ever get ingrown hairs. I won't use anything else!

from Lancaster , CA  

4 out of 5
Long Time PFB Vanish User 
This is the best product I have used for controlling razor bumps on my neck. I use it twice a day even on days that I don't shave.

from NORMAL, IL  

4 out of 5
Only product on the market that works for me 
I have been using this product for over a year now and it really works!!!! I have not had any stinging/ burning with the use as I have read in other reviews. It works within the hour on the razor bumps I get when shaving my bikini area. I have noticed a huge difference in the amount of ingrown hair. I will say it have not 100% cleared that issue but I think 95% is a great improvment. I have only one complaint with this product, it does make my skin peel quite a bit. I can deal with the peeling as long at there is no bumps.
I just ordered the pfb + chromabright I am looking forward to trying that out I hope it really works on the old scars from ingrown hairs I will post review after a few weeks of use.

from Charlotte, NC

5 out of 5
Saw results after first use 
my wax girl recommended this, and said she uses it herself. i got it here and tried on my bikini wax and saw result in the very first try. great product.

from chicago, IL  

5 out of 5
The best solution for bikini area irritation from shaving. 
This is my second purchase of PFB. The bottle lasted me approximately 9 months and I used it at least 3 times a week. It is great at reducing irritation in the bikini zone from shaving. It does make your skin a wee bit dry but it is worth it to get rid of the uncomfortable not to mention unsitely rash that usually accompanies shaving.

from Fairfax, VA  

5 out of 5
Excellent product for clear skin 
Whenever my skin starts breaking out I put this stuff on and it works really fast and usually within a day or too. Hasn't dried out my skin like other products.

from Las Vegas, NV  

5 out of 5
The best thing for razor bumps  
Love the rollon feature. Noticed a quick relief of razor bumps. Like the fact there is very little sting. Wish there was a way to determine how much product is left in the bottle

from Agoura Hills, CA 


from ROANOKE, VA  

5 out of 5
great for ingrown hairs
I like the roller application and it doesn't have a burning sensation when I put it on.

from Juneau, AK  

5 out of 5
The best way to keep your shaving areas clean and blemish free!
I love it it works great in all shaving areas! It sometimes stings a bit, but it exfoliates wonderfully.

from Woodbury, MN  

4 out of 5
I love this product!
Would be a five, but it dries my skin a bit. Even so, it prevents/cures ingrown hairs better than anything else I have used (better even than Tendskin!).

Herndon, VA

5 out of 5
Eliminates razor burn.   
Great way to prevent and/or get rid of razor burn. No over-drying. No burning. Easy applicator roll on. Use daily to get rid of razor burn. Less frequently to prevent. Review posted

AH from Franklin, TN

I'm a long time PFB Vanish user, since 2005. I'm a 37 year old Black male. I normally use Vanish on my face after I use the T-trimmers to shape up my face. I don't use a razor on my face because it irritates my face. I had a Boil on the back of my neck, I can only assume my barber's trimmer were too sharp. I didn't even notice the boil until it was large, hard and sore to the touch. My god brother had one; he had to get it surgically removed. I started putting Vanish on it after every wash, morning and night. After two weeks the boil was completely gone!...I Love this product and recommend it to all Men especially Black men with curly (good)hair like mine.

Marcis T, NC

“PFB Vanish is easy to use with its roll-on applicator and it works quickly. Easy to use and works great. I love this stuff!”

Jen Obst, Esthetician, Hood River, Oregon

"I have found PFB VANISH to be an effective topical treatment for "pseudofolliculits barbe." After personally using PFB VANISH I now recommend it to my patients for its overall cosmetic acceptability and efficacy over any other product."

E. Zingaro, M.D.

"I've used NumbIt on all my clients prior to Brazilian and Bikini wax services and they all love it. They said it works great and they feel less pain after I waxed them. I feel more confident and worry less when I do the Brazilian wax to all my clients using Numbit. Thanks for your products."

Tawny, Salon Serenity & Skin Care

“PFB Vanish works great on armpits for preventing irritation and ingrown hair problems created by shaving. It’s also works as a pretty good deodorant too!”

L.N.,Seattle, Wa.

"I started using this product and I've seen results so quickly! What impressed me most besides the fact that it isn't HARSH at all, this is essential for vain people like me. It brings the hair to the surface quicker than anything I've ever used. I get rid of the bumps and get on with my life!

D. Moss

"Thank you! I have tried just about every product on the market - creams, gels, lotions, pads - and even prescription products in so many failed attempts to get rid of ingrown bumps and redness in my bikini area. Desperate and out of ideas, I recently went to my dermatologist. She informed me that with the type and way my hair grows, my only real solution would be permanent laser hair removal. Now, as a young college student on a tight budget, there was no way I could afford that. I came across PFB Vanish while searching on the internet. Although I was skeptical and worried about spending even more money on another product, I ordered a bottle. I have to say that after struggling with embarrassing bumps, ingrowns and redness, I haven't had a single problem since using your product. I can't thank you enough as I no longer have to worry about wearing my bikini around friends, getting painful infections or having unsightly redness. Your product is better than anything anywhere! The best!"

R. Barnett

"I recently purchased PFB Vanish at a visit to a spa, and I must tell you THANK YOU!!! This is the most miraculous product to ever enter the skin care market. PFB Vanish does everything it claims to do and more. The best part is that it works very quickly. Consider me yet another one of your VERY SATISFIED customers! "

A. Derham

"First I'd like to say your product rocks! I've been using it for 2-3 years now, and it's worked wonders. I'm an artist, and often I've had to have a certain look in public (and nasty razor burn doesn't fit in it, for me at least). Thank you and best wishes to you and your staff.

A. O'Neal

"I would just like to let you know that I love your product. I am, what my waxer calls a "waxing challenge" and I am prone to ingrowns and bumps in my bikini area. I've tried multiple products and methods to fight the ingrowns but the only thing I have found to work is PFB Vanish. I recommend it to all my friends and anyone who asks for that matter!

M. Palacios

"I rarely do this but I had to write you guys because your product saved me!! I've been modeling for years and I was the winning model on the 1st season of Bravo's Project Runway....having embarrassing ingrown hair bumps as a model isn't fun and I would never happily wear a bikini of any sort. I had tried everything and was about to go into the dermatologist when I received your sample. Within days I could see and feel the difference! I just wanted to express my extreme gratitude for your product and your prices!!!"

J. Beynon

"I'm a 41 year old white male who for reasons more than appearance, remove the hair from my chest with an epilator. Whenever I do this my chest breaks out with a rash, bumps, and pustules bad enough that I look like I have a bad case of chicken pox. I have tried just about every over the counter and home remedy to resolve this with little or no results. Upon searching the net I found your website and was impressed with the testimonials and the guarantee you offer. What the heck, I'll give it a try. Within 36 hrs, I noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance of my skin. To be honest I was very impressed! I honestly didn't think anything could resolve a problem as bad as mine. I was wrong. You came up with a solution to a problem many people have. I'm planning on being a life long customer and will definitely tell people I know about PFB Vanish.Thanks for everything. Keep up the good work."

K. Fritz

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